Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a dream

A few streets away from the sea is CEAM, one of the continents best fashion institutes, also, my future second home (yeahhh, thats right). An amazing five-stories-high glass building that stands in between two small residences in the avenue of Benavides. 
 This look of it outside makes really a small part of the school. I just got home from an introduction of the courses I'll take and the teachers I'll have...and heck...I was speechless. Literally, by the end of the chat I was so nervous that once we stepped out to have a drink and treats in the main entrance, I spilled my whole glass of coke all over the shiny white tile flour. Way to make a great first impression. Reputation= ruined. 
Nevertheless, it was amazing. Apart from the spill, the entire interior looked so exquisite. It instantly motivated me to clean my already cleaned room so it looks almost as unreal as that.
Oh and to top it ALL OFF, they gave you goody bags stuffed with miscellaneous covered in the logo. It felt like being in those generous fashion shows, like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, that give away their luxurious products as thank you gifts to the ones who go do the oh so great effort to attend them (sarcasm. The experience itself would be more than enough, just like the chat itself, but I cant complain). 
Now I gotta wait 13 more days. Just 13. 
On the meantime I gotta keep on practicing how to socialize with my fellow Peruvians which I've been failing at it the past weeks. I still have that 'gringa' accent everyone is telling me about, which is really ridiculous, because back in Vancouver I had that 'latina' accent. 
I've been trying to learn the 'latino-adolescent-vocab' to sound less formal, and, well..you know...more **plena**-which means cool. 
Cheers and goodnight, 


Where can I start. . .
Welcome, to everyone taking their time on reading this. I'm Lea Kundicevic, former blogger of Suburban Diaries, which just got deleted by this host site yesterday.
I can't deny it, realizing my three year work on that site was gone is pretty heartbreaking, even if the last time I posted something on was three months ago. I started that diary way back when I was thirteen, thirteen! And now its all gone. All of it.
I was already planning to start a new blog, since Suburban Diaries/Lea likes Fashion never felt like it portrayed who I was. It was the product of what the market wanted me to be, not who I was as an individual. So why is this exactly bothering me so much?
- I was planning to keep it as a memory.
- To remind my 500+ followers that I haven't completely forgotten about them by creating a much better, consistent blog and putting the new link on the old site.
- Use it to show my work and collaborations in the industry for my interview with my fashion school (which is happening this week!).

Now you might be asking yourself, is this the new Suburban Diaries 2.0 then? no. Its not. Sorry.
This is the intermediate of the new and old. This blog is a diary for myself, its my mind put in a series of paragraphs and Iphone photos that represent my new life here.
I also don't have the 'musts' to start a good fashion/etc site yet; I gave away two thirds of my closet before moving to Lima three weeks ago, my dslr camera stopped working, I haven't found a decent title yet...etc, etc.

There is no purpose in this blog, I'm not exactly trying to impress anyone here, I just want to get in the habit on expressing myself again through this media. Be a little bit more productive with my spare-time and possibly showing others how life can be in this beautiful oasis I now live in... Lima.